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Snowflake Advocates


Sonny Rivera - Snowflake Advocate

Like many of you, Sonny has focused his career on cloud-based solutions including SaaS products and data warehouses. He used AWS Redshift, Snowflake, and Azure DW.  He is an active member of the technology community and enjoys learning from and sharing with his peers.  Sonny shares the vision of Snowflake... to unlock the value of data, to remove the constraints of legacy thinking, and to push innovation to the limits of our imagination.


Ashley Pace - Data Architect

Ashley has vast experience in the data warehousing space.  He's work with some amazing companies here in Charlotte like Caring.com, AAA.com, and AmWins. 


Brad McNeely

Brad is the local Snowflake Solutions Architect.  He knows (or can find out) all things technical when it comes to Snowflake.  If you us Snowflake and are in the Carolinas, you know Brad.